Monday, July 6, 2015

A Bonsai Forest in a world of Assumptions

I walk in my forest with my white friends,
we all talk the same talk, we walk the same walk,
we all live with white people in white houses
we do white jobs, we live the white life.
the blue sky overhead.
we only know the white life.

I walk in the courtyard with my black dog 
and meet a black man.  
his friends are white friends, his neighbors are black neighbors.
he says they are my people, but they are not my friends.
he talks with a different accent than my white friends,
he's a mean cook,
he sings,
he is not a white man, but he is not what I expected
because my eyes were only white eyes.
I see that my forest was a tiny forest in a bonsai garden
I need to see the rest of the world.
Lead me there.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

No Poutine after all

A Canadian specialty
we talked about it
but never ventured any further,
already bloated with cakes, croisssant and wine.
maybe next time,
cheese curds slathered over French fries,
bathed in beef gravy
Sounds delicious
for a 

Thursday, July 2, 2015


she keeps bringing it up as an appropriate topic,
not recognizing that she's talking to an "older person"
losing my mind, slightly sagging in places, eyes getting
a bit watery.
she brings up my hair style, my choice of dress,
my lack of style, my need to dress as an "older person",
and then that favorite topic of hers, euthanasia.
she hasn't gotten too far into the details but perhaps
she is developing her ideas on this for the "older people".
I'm sure I'll hear about it and we'll laugh,
perhaps uneasily, I'll look behind myself
and see a young person standing there
it's me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Beauty of Wisdom

We're not girls anymore,
close up, there are wrinkles around 
our eyes, age spots on our hands,
some of them may pass for freckles 
on our cheeks.
Smiles are ageless and if you look into
our eyes, you will see a sparkle.
you will see lives well lived,
lessons learned, loves come and gone,
no need for youth, there is wisdom
and beauty in our lives,

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

She's French

In Montreal, everyone is bilingual,
shifting from French to English and back
without even noticing they have translated for Karen
and satisfied my need for their language.
I am starved from the lack.
except for Carole
a French woman somehow landed
on Montreal streets who struggles through
each English phrase,
Karen encourages her to
just speak French, it's too painful to listen
to her English.
and as she grinds through endless explanations
of  how to operate a microwave, or how not
to pull too hard on the washing machine door,
I encourage her to
just speak English
to Karen.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kissing a...bird

why not fly,
the bird has wings of steel and a smile
you are dressed in black like batwoman.
you will launch into the sky seeking out 
evil dudes, and shooting them with  
poisoned arrows.
their hearts will stop and their bodies
will crumple to the ground even
as you look back to check your work.
in the square, you will kiss your bird
good-bye, waiting until she calls

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A walk in the park

he walked with a cane
she moved in a motorized wheelchair.
it was a lovely day, blue sky, the sun warming their shoulders.
The grass was mowed and they moved slowly towards
the statue in the center of the park.
they had all day, no rush, no job
they had the rest of their lives to get to 
the center of the park, there was no one waiting
because the only one who mattered was
with them.