Friday, April 17, 2015

Making conversation

she looks down at her soup
after flashing me a wide-mouthed open smile,
no words emerge, though.
I marvel at how white her teeth are
against her dark skin, the glitter in
her lipstick is just enough to be
I wish she would talk to me.
she tells me her soup is good
and checks the bill carefully, noting
that she was not charged for her tea.
I hope I would have told the waitress,
I think she counts her money carefully.
When I dropped her off, she said she
enjoyed her lunch and thanked me
for inviting her.
One never knows.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One thing to love about flute lesson day

there are many things
but this one may be the best,
not having to practice that night
having suffered and sweated,
learned and lamented
for an hour that day,
one deserves a rest after
such effort, some relaxation
of the mind and lips, a
justification that all this must
settle in, make its new home
tomorrow when I lift my flute to
my lips, they will play differently
having rested and learned.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Looking back in time

I remember walking down the Infinite Corridor at M.I.T
hand in hand with my current love,
(oh, how quickly they sour, only later do we realize
how stupid we were, so young)
a camera caught my smile, the tilt of the head,
the optimism
(oh, how I wanted to escape my past, to no longer
be poor, to not have to live in the closet I was living
in at that moment)
The light still shines through that captured moment
some 35 years later, I will catch that optimism
if mine is flagging, and that smile when I'm
feeling down.

(Thanks to S.B. for sending me this photo while visiting MIT)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paying taxes

will they pause before spending it,
wondering first if they really need it,
the rocket launchers and new Navy ships,
tax breaks for oil companies and General Electric,
fences at the Mexican-U.S. border.
I pause before I spend money
for a new pair of jeans when the old
ones only have small holes that don't show,
I pause before buying organic food which
is more than twice as expensive as conventional,
although I might end up buying it to save
someone from pesticides and herbicides.
At least I think about it.
Those dollars I sent were hard-earned,
I hope they are well spent.

Monday, April 13, 2015

taxing taxes

too tired to tackle taxes,
tedious, tyrannical, try

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lunar Trainers

I'm ready for the Moon with my lunar trainers,
we'll light up the lunar sky with pink reflections
from my shoes,
flowers bloom from my new shoes, and the blue
background doubles as sky.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Running into my friend

truly an accident and completely my fault,
my right turn into a her bike heading straight, a crash,
our bikes twisted into a 3-d sculpture of wheels
in the air, locked pedals, handlebars facing downwards,
our bodies splayed on the ground.
passers-by rush in.
we think we're physically ok, the bikes seem to work
I'm horrified that this was all my fault.
we brush ourselves off, she looks down at
her right thigh and muses that it will be sore,
she's a good sport, my friend, I could have
expected her to punch me, but she's not that
sort so I wandered home looking for penanace.
thank goodness there was someone at home who
could and did the job, I stand chastised
and chagrined.