Monday, September 1, 2014

A long weekend

the summer weekend at the end
with autumn nipping at our heels
we hold off for a few more days.
holiday fairs and shopping for travel
a blue sky, warmth on my arms,
a phone call to family who does not bite,
a walk with the dog, a nap,
a few more pages in a good book.
this is summer, the end is coming
so enjoy, enjoy.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pouring Rain

drizzle first
a few small drops
small ripples spread across puddles
I'm a few blocks from work headed home.
a few larger drops splashing small droplets skyward upon impact.
I put my hood up, tucking it under my helmet.
a few dark spots scattered across the thighs of my jeans.
it picks up and lightning strikes the earth ahead of me,
hard now, large droplets in a torrent,
my jeans are now soaked, my head down
I wonder if it's hail or just heavy droplets,
a few blocks from home,
lighter droplets,
a drizzle,
all wet.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guide dog

  a guide dog could be trained to make decisions for you
to recognize the name on caller id
and indicate which calls to pick up
and which to let ring
a large black guide dog could scare off 
threatening people who want to steal your wallet,
would make friends for you, wagging her tail
enthusiastically for nice people,
dogs know them instinctively.
 A well trained guide dog would mold us to
her schedule for our own good, long naps
during the day, rawhide or other treats
in the evening, and plenty of playtime.
dogs don't work.
the western economy would skid to a halt
and everyone would be much happier.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

flute is life

my flute teacher said during my first lesson,
"flute is life" and I laughed at the idea of how
playing a long tube with holes could represent life
until I played this long tube with holes and
understood her sensitivity to every mood, every
tension, the mood and rhythm of every day,
how I struggled with power versus aggression,
how fear showed up in my sound, how fighting
against did not result in victory, how hard it
is to just relax and enjoy, how much playing
flute is just like life. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

theories and opinions

they squawk about it at 5 am
black birds high up in the branches of the silver maple
across the street.
I imagine they have much to talk about,
her theory that there is better street food,
(the good, fatty stuff still half wrapped)
the next town over.
the sister's opinion is that life is good enough here.
look how many of us there are in the tree,
all well fed with Boulder trash.
they wake up before the sun comes over the horizon,
my theory being that they went to bed at dusk, his
opinion that black birds are simply the most
annoying creatures ever.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I keep re-reading the same article

I keep re-reading the same article,
each time advancing one sentence, then falling back
into incomprehension, pausing to evaluate what I don't know.
the words are like the clouds in the evening sky,
grey to the east, stretched out like lions after
a big meal on the African savannah.
to the west, the last light glows pink on
the undersides, in a few minutes
they will be grey.
As dim as my understanding of this article
that is my life.
We wonder at each decision,
its underpinning and whether it's
underbelly is lit by beauty or
requires a re-reading, and so I
re-read the same article, advancing
sentence by sentence.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

US Pro Cycling Championship

the pros
were lining up at the gate,
orange, blue, yellow and brown kits,
their cleats clicking on pavement.
shaved muscular legs, reflective sunglasses
perched on helmets, they looked so cool,
we did our job of clapping and cheering
until their feet left the ground, the wheels
turned and they were gone so quickly,
so quietly.