Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's not fireworks - flying a Solo drone

everyone's arms are folded except her's.
she's driving what we're looking at
way up in the sky -
amazement at tiny but bright
red and blue lights, we hear a hum of 
phantom wings
i'd never seen such a thing
from which we can see as if we had our
own wings
what a lovely thought.
Solo on wings, you will come back 
to me on command, your hum will 
fill the air, you're beautiful.

Friday, July 24, 2015


forgetting is perhaps worse
than writer's block.
to not even remember to write
instead of not knowing what to write
is that the same as not knowing what to say.
yesterday i stumbled upon some test results
after i fell on my head
they said i'm not good at routine work
and am neutral with guiding people,
only if it suits me.
i didn't know what to say when they
told me how my IQ had dropped so
many points, not to worry, they said
except now i am even forgetting to
write, isn't that a sign.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rest Day

I'm taking a rest day from writing.
Really, and it's not Saturday either.
My creative juices are spilling on the floor,
a stain is spreading across the non-existent carpet.
The dog is flopped onto the wood floor,
it's cool in this heat.
I'm too hot to write, the braid is falling out my hair.
my socks are dirty and there's a wine stain on my T-shirt.
I'm not writing today, I need a rest,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A better view

 this is the view we like.
a backdrop of mountains, my arm around my friend.
there's a pear-ginger alcoholic concoction on the table
I will never remember the name, but never forget the taste.
the sun will set soon.
tear down the cranes and brick walls,
knock down the multi-million dollar houses
hogging acre lots.
Two people don't need so much real estate.
build 20 small houses instead for the workers.
build gardens and trails.
those things will make us smile.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sometimes it's Monday

we waited for him to call on our line
he waited for us on another line
we missed each other
it was a Monday, my Monday,
my fault that a President and a Director
waited in vain because I forgot.
I felt bad on Monday so we'll
try again Tuesday.
tomorrow I'll be sharp as a tack,
ready to run circles around everyone.
Tuesday will be terrific
and Wednesday will be wonderful.
Only Monday was moronic,
I'll roll through Thursday
and Friday will be fantastic.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The New View

We can only barely see the foothills
behind the skyscrapers and cranes,
the glint off metal fenders blinds us.
we moved here to see the hills, to smell
the wildflowers and to squish the mud
between our toes, to open our mouths
to the falling rain and gaze 
at rainbows that bridge the plains
to the mountains.
I glimpse the hillside past the crane
and the parked cars.
Soon we will no longer see 
such softness, it will be hidden behind
a brick wall.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Picking up as he packs up

I'll miss him,
his gentle smile, his hugs, his goofy puppy ways
(even though he's a grown man)
I'll take a reprieve from clutter, just a short one
since I can't sustain it even on my own,
as mail, dirty dishes, clothes, books, etc
all pile up even in his absence.
I can try, though, for 8 days to control it,
corraling and culling the ugly and sick.
he won't notice the missing black chair that
no one sits in.
he will.
but he has sort of approved of the disappearance.
I wonder what else I can disappear without
him noticing.
I'll find out and keep you